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Autoclave Tinget 18L V generation with USB and printer
Price: €1,432.43
Autoclave Tinget STE - 18L -generation V
Autoclave / Steam Sterilizer TINGET STE 8L (B)-C
Price: €1,293.81
Feature Compeleted meeting EN13060 European new stardard B class, Three times fractionated pre-vacuum. Sterilization temperature: 121 and 134 degree Celsius. Display: LCD screen Test programs: Helix test, B&D test and Vacuum test. Sterilization docum...
Distilation Machine 4 l
Price: €90.10

- Water tank capacity 4l, - efficiency 1 l/h, - Power 750W, - Power 230V - canister for distilation water equipped

Cosmetic Autoclave Tinget class "N " - REPAIR
Price: €13.86

Autoclave class N

Because of changes in the laws , the company withdraws from its offer autoclaves Class N also note that all purchased in our store autoclaves Class N are still under warranty and post-warranty service .

Printer for Autoclave II and III generation
Price: €55.45

Compact size printer for autoclaves

Spray for disinfectant BARBICIDE 1000 ml
Price: €7.16

Spray for disinfectant Barbicide 1000ml

Spray / liquid surface disinfectant Barbicide - completing 5l
Price: €25.41

Supplement spray to disinfect surfaces Barbicide 5000ml .

Welding sleeves sterilization Tinget
Price: €138.62

Set contains: welder, stand for sleeve, table power 500W, width 250mm, weight 5,5 kg

Ultrasonic Washer Cleaner 50B
Price: €205.62

Water capacity chamber of 5 liters, chamber dimensions : height/width/length 15cm/14cm/24cm heating water to 80 st C display LCD touch control, basket + frame, warranty 1 year

Sleeve for autoclave 75 x 100
Price: €9.93

Jeżeli posiadasz autoklaw marki Tinget kupiony w naszym sklepie, zgłoś ten fakt sprzedawcy przy zakupie torebek bądź rękawów a otrzymasz 10% upust od ceny widocznej na naszej stronie. Wymiary 75mm x 100m jednorazowe opakowania pozwalające na bezpiecz...

Cardboard for autoclave
Price: €11.55

Cardboard for an autoclave.

Cart / rack for trays autoclaves Tinget
Price: €14.56
Basket additional trays Tinget . Made of a material resistant to sterilization conditions .
Heater chamber Tinget
Price: €78.55

Heater for sterilization chamber autoclave Tinget.

Seal the door autoclave
Price: €12.71

Seal for the door of sterilization chamber for autoclave Tinget

Tray additional autoclave Tinget
Price: €9.24

The tray further into the autoclave . The material from which it is made ​​resistant to sterilization.

Biological Indicators
Price: €1.85
Ampoule biological testing steam 
sterilization of precisely defined population of bacteria,
Bacillus stearothermopilus - water vapor SCS 100 - incubation temperature of 56 ° ± 4 ° C
- incubation time : 24 hours, survival and kill bacteria specified for t ...
Motherboard for autoclaves Tinget with USB
Price: €323.45

Motherboard autoclaves Tinget second generation. STE models 8L , STE 12-16L , STE 18-23L , STE 24L USB . Warranty 12 months.

Silicon tube
Price: €3.93
Silicone tube to drain the water from the autoclaves Tinget . 
Available diameters : 8x4 , 10x6 and 12x6
Test for control of steam sterilization Sporal A
Price: €1.20
Application: biological indicator of 
process control steam sterilization
hypertension Description : strip of filter
paper saturated with spore suspension
of the strain Geobacillus stearothermophilus
ATCC 7953 in the packaging paper form -
folic preventing contamination ...

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