February 17 published the Regulation of the Minister of Health ( Pursuant to art. 13 paragraph . 2 of the Act of 6 September 2001 . On infectious diseases and infections [ Dz. U. No. 126, poz.1384 and 2003 . No. 45 , item 391 and No. 199 , poz.1938 ) ] on specific sanitary requirements , which should guide the institutions and procedures in order to prevent infectious diseases and infections.
Establishments referred to in the Act include:
medical offices , dental , beauty parlors , barbershops , tattoo and wellness Sterilization should be carried out in autoclaves , certified CE and should be produced in accordance with the requirements of European standard EN 13060 ( standard EN 13060 divides autoclaves into classes ( B , S , N) and the ripples on the types (A, B)) on small steam sterilizers
Steam autoclaves provide adequate working parameters: steam is generated from distilled and reaches a temperature of up to 134◦C at the right time and the right pressure ensures full control of the sterilization process and the highest level of microbiological purity of sterilized items
Sterilization of equipment should not be used where it is not possible to control sterilization processes such as " sterilizers ball " and so-called . sterilizers for dry , hot air . It is inadvisable to sterilize instruments in an autoclave chromium or nickel ( sterilization can be applied by hot air). That is why it is worth investing in instruments made ​​of stainless steel and diamond cutters . The autoclave is the best and most reliable method of sterilization

The most important criterion for choosing autoclave is the amount and type of tools that are going to be sterilized . 
It is unacceptable for example . Sterilize batches in an autoclave A class N.
Most market there are devices with chamber capacity of 5 to 25 liters , classified as N , S, or B.
The classes , inform what kind of tools can be sterilized in the autoclave.


It is not intended to be sterilized packaged solid product 


It is not intended to sterilize packaged products of solid , porous , hollow type A and B , packaged individually or in multi-layer


intended to sterilize all packaged and unpackaged , solid , hollow and porous.




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